what do fha inspectors look for

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An FHA insured mortgage can be used to purchase a new or existing home. A home inspection is recommended by the FHA as part of the loan process. The inspection provides a layer of protection for you as the home owner, as well as for the mortgage lending institution.

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Fha home inspectors – Commercialloanslending – Find out what home inspectors do, why they do it, and what to expect from your home inspection.. What to look for in a home. macomb county Home Inspectors 313-510-0284 – I am a state certified construction teacher, and taught construction trades to high school students where we built a real house.

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FHA Inspection Checklist: What Does an Appraiser Look for in an FHA Inspection? An FHA appraiser goes through the house while documenting its structure and other key details such as its layout. He’ll also keep an eye out for particular hazards that must be taken care of before an FHA loan will be approved on the property.

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Foundation inspection is one of the manufactured home requirements for VA loans and FHA home loans. What are inspectors. Typical language on a passing foundation certification looks like the following:. Although not all lenders offer VA loans for manufactured homes, OVM Financial does. Plus, it is.

fha reverse mortgage guidelines PDF Fannie Mae Single-Family Reverse Mortgage Loan Servicing Manual – standard requirements apply for reverse mortgage loans. This Manual covers the standard requirements for servicing reverse mortgage loans for one- to four-unit properties owned or securitized by Fannie Mae. On behalf of Fannie Mae, servicers are servicing two reverse mortgage loan products: conventional home keepertm mortgage loans and FHA HECM.

– The structure of the home is a main focus of the FHA home inspection requirements. The inspector will look closely at the foundation as well as the interior/exterior walls, floors, and the roof. The things the inspector looks for include any type of holes or damage and water issues (mold or presence of water damage).

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